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The company “Master&Stone” has been occupied in wholesale and retail deliveries of natural stone for more than ten years. During this time the assortment of products, geography and field have been rather expanded.

Due to our regional representatives, we provide efficient delivery of qualitative production from a number of countries, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, India, Greece and China. Such types of natural stone as marble, travertine, granite, onyx, limestone, skyros and others today are the most popular among our Clients.

Own production complex with modern and precise equipment allows us to perform stone dressing, as well as provide the production of turning and artistic products of various complexity.

Irreproachable quality of “Master&Stone” production is mostly explained by high qualification of our specialists who have passed professional training in specialized companies and acquired many-year practical experience. Our masters perform orders on individual projects and catalogue drafts.

Due to a modern logistics system, “Master&Stone” offers to its Clients optimal terms and cost of logistics structure.

The company “Master&Stone” directs its services to wholesale and retail customers who need materials, blanks, workpieces or instrument for natural stone dressing.

Company’s specialists offer complex service: from qualified consultation and designing to delivery, assembly and facing works.