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The company «Master&Stone» provides to its Clients all the conditions for optimization of temporal and financial expenses for search, selection and delivery of the needed materials.

This is possible due to integrated logistics system. Modern storehouse complex is an important part of it. Reception, storing and shipping of end products, slabs, instruments and consumables are performed on the storehouses with total area of 4568 m2. Mechanical operations in storehouses are executed due to cranes and mechanical loaders.

An equipped demonstration hall functions on indoor storehouse with the area of 1556 m2 where the Clients may estimate the decorative qualities of showed models. Special lighting is provided in the storehouse that allows the Client to have a good look at stone texture and pattern.

A project manager works straight at the storehouse. If necessary, he will provide qualified consultation regarding natural stone selection and will calculate the needed quantity of materials and their cost.

Sales geography of the company “Master&Stone” involves a number of countries including Italy, Greece, Spain, India, China, Turkey as well as Russia and Ukraine. The total assortment of natural stone showed on storehouses, numbers over 300 items.

Availability of own representatives and close relations with the largest suppliers all over the worlds allow us to provide to our Clients the most tolerant conditions and terms of deliveries. Purchases of natural stone are performed considering all Client’s wishes.