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Stone products

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  • изделия из натурального камня для интерьера
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  • изделия из камня для гостиной комнаты
  • изделия из камня в ванную комнату
  • Изделия из натурального камня для ванной
  • изделия из натурального камня фото лестницы
  • изделия из камня фото на кухне
  • изделия из камня мрамора и гранита
  • фото интерьера из натурального камня
  • пример использования натурального камня
  • натуральный камень пример использования
  • камень натуральный для дома

The company “Master&Stone” offers a wide variety of flatbed and three-dimensional products of natural stone, including products of own production.

You may order products in any quantity:

  • Interior elements: table tops for kitchens and bathrooms, windowsills, stairs and parapets, bar counters, fascia boards, plinths, covers and other products of granite, marble, limestone, onyx.
  • Workpieces and slabs of the highest quality.
  • Showy stone mosaic.
  • Decorative stone tile of various dimensions – for external and internal facing (fireplaces, facades, entrances, landscape objects).
  • Decorative and artistic three-dimensional products, including those made on your drafts (sculptures, flowerpots, fountains etc.).
  • Paving blocks.

Showy and expressive stone products fit well to any modern interiors. Unique beauty of natural stone allows creating a particular atmosphere, balance and comfort in any premises. “Fashion” for stone that is able to charge with life energy, is within time power.

In addition to aesthetic advantages of natural material, stone solidity characteristics are worth mentioning. Functional and decorative objects of interior and exterior made of different types of natural stone, will for sure serve you for more than one decade, preserving its unique beauty and physical characteristics.